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Financial Audits

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At Reed & Co. of Mayfield, PSC, we maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients, resulting in more efficient audits. Conducting a successful and accurate audit requires more than just showing up once a year, and that is why our clients rely on us to handle their auditing requirements.

For most companies, an audit is fulfilling a financial and/or a regulatory requirement. The results of an audit are meant to verify an entity's performance for a number of audiences, such as partners, shareholders, banks, donors or regulatory bodies...anyone with an interest in the financial state of the business/organization/entity. This means the financial statements and disclosures presented in an audit must be accurate and timely.

Reed & Co. of Mayfield, PSC remains in contact with clients throughout the year, not just at audit time, gathering information and learning about changes at the entity. This results in a more comprehensive and efficient, audit. We go beyond conducting the audit; we also evaluate your processes and look for opportunities to improve your financial management.

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  • Audits, reviews, and compilations
  • Management letters
  • Internal control studies and evaluations
  • Special investigations
  • Trial balances